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Rapid Dry Multi-Surface Paint

Our Rapid drying multi-surface paint is water based and sticks to almost anything. It comes in three different finishes: gloss, satin and eggshell. The satin and eggshell finish have also been formulated to be used as a primer sealer for bare wood: All you have to do is dilute the paint down between 10-20% with clean water, which will allow the coating to sink into the wood and seal it. Our rapid drying formula means drying times of being touch dry in 30 minutes and re coat times of 3-6 hours depending on atmospheric conditions, allowing for two coats in a day.

What it will stick to:

Wood Steel (speak to us prior to application)
UPVC Metal (speak to us prior to application)
Tiles (speak to us prior to application)
Copper (speak to us prior to application)

Further Information

It not only sticks to a wide range of surfaces, but also provides excellent resistance against cracking, blistering, and flaking. The composition of the coating allows it to flex with the substrate making it highly resistant to rain and severe weather, prolonging the life of the coating. Additionally, it offers great resistance against rot and algal build-up. This makes it perfect for exterior use.

Our Multi-Surface paint also has excellent colour retention, meaning the coating takes longer to fade and looks fresh and new for longer periods of time. It has been formulated to be easy to work with and flow nicely allowing for effortless brush or roller application to both DIY and trade customers. Further to this,  it can be diluted with water up to 20% to achieve the desired consistency for different applications and users.


As it is a water based product all you have to do is wash your brushes and rollers out with water.


Please take a look at the colours from our range below or order any RAL or British standard colour by calling us in store.


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