About Newmarket Paint Company

Newmarket Paint Company is a family-run business based in Newmarket, Suffolk, in the UK. They have been manufacturing paint and trading for over 40 years. 

The company was founded by John Palmer who had trained in paint chemistry and manufacturing back in the 1970s. By 1983 he had set up his own paint manufacturing business, which is known as Newmarket Paint Company today. Back in 2016 John took a step back from the business, although you will still see him in the shop, with one of his sons James Palmer now running the business. During this time, they have branched out with a decorating business, known as Newmarket Decorators. This means they not only craft paint but also put it on the walls for their customers.

Newmarket Paint Company also manufacture some very specialist products. In 2010 they formulated a squash court paint that received approval from the recognised body Squash and Racket ball England. This paint is now used across the UK with it being the leading paint in its field. Another specialist product developed is the water based rapid dry wood stain. It has been developed for hardwoods that aren’t as porous as soft woods. This requires a stain with a specialist resin that allows a high adhesion. This stain has case studies of 7 years on cedar cladding on the external of houses. The most recently developed paint is the Antimicrobial Gloss that has been designed with the equine industry in mind to provide extra protection against bacterial growth in stables. This has received certification of antimicrobial protection to an ISO 22196 standard.