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Scroll down to see some of the products that we manufacture at Newmarket paint company. Our paints consist of carefully chosen pigments, minerals and resins specially chosen for their qualities of opacity, light, fastness, durability and flexibility.

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Paint Manufacturers

We manufacture paint for every application. Check out below to see some of the products we make and how to use them.

Matt emulsion

Designed for walls and ceilings our matt emulsion gives a flat matt finish whilst still maintaining the ability to be wiped and maintained. Our matt emulsion is quick drying and eco friendly.

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Soft sheen emulsion

Soft sheen leaves you with the perfect shine and is ideal for very high traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens due to its resistant to steam and being extremely durable.

Vinyl silk emulsion

This is our toughest as well as our shiniest finish. This is perfect someone who loves a high shine on their walls or for the highest of traffic areas where cleaning the walls regularly is essential.

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Double tough matt emulsion

The name of this product explains itself. It provides you with not only the desirable matt finish but also with the tough qualities you need to be able to wipe the walls down.

Rapid Dry multi-surface paint

This paint comes in three different finishes: eggshell, satin and gloss. Our eggshell finish is best described by looking at the shine that an eggshell gives off. Our satin provides a mid shine and leaves a finish that is a mixture between gloss and eggshell. Lastly the gloss provides a high shine to any surface. This is perfect for decorating any interior/ exterior woodwork or metal work. This product is also non yellowing and dries very quickly. Give us a call to check if this can be used on the substrate you would like to paint.

rapid dry eggshell

Oil based paint

Our solvent based paint comes in: eggshell, satin and gloss. Our eggshell gives off the lowest sheen of the three, whilst our satin sits in between gloss and eggshell which provides a subtle shine. Our solvent based gloss is our shiniest paint that we have to offer for metalwork or woodwork. This paint can leave an exceptional finish and levels off very nicely.

Textured masonry paint

Our textured masonry paint can be made in a very fine level of texture right through to a very high level of texture.

textured masonry

Smooth masonry paint

If you are painting exterior walls, render or brickwork this is the paint you are looking for. This leaves a matt finish whilst being extra durable for all weather types. Gives us a call or pop in store to ask for advice on the application process.

Water based wood preserver

If you need to add some colour to some fencing then this is our economic solution for that. It consists of ingredients which will not only treat your wood but it will also preserve it.


Rapid dry wood stain

This is our high resin based wood stain which is ideal for high end wood finishes, whether you are just trying to preserve the wood or if it is just because you would like to add some colour to it, this is the product for you. Due to the specialist resin it will stick to almost any type of wood but if you are unsure please visit us in store or call us to confirm whether it will work.

Barrier coat

Damp proof membrane coating designed to keep the damp. It can be applied to most surfaces and used with nearly all paints. Chat with one of our specialists to see if it is suited for your purpose. 

Squash Court Paint

Our premium oil-based squash court paint has been specially formulated and endorsed by England Squash & Racketball for maintaining and rejuvenating your squash court surface, this great endorsement took over 4 years to achieve. This high-performance paint has been specially developed and formulated for use on squash court surfaces to provide: excellent durability, colour retention, scuff resistance, coverage, easy application and adhesion

Trade Matt emulsion

Newmarket Paint Company’s Trade Matt Emulsion is a superior quality, cost-effective paint that boasts exceptional opacity and coverage for all interior wall and ceiling surfaces. It is particularly suited for newly plastered surfaces but can also be left in a finish due to its ability to withstand low levels of wiping down & maintenance.
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