Axus Pro-Finish Roller, (blue series) 9″ L-Pile


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Axus Pro-Finish Roller, (blue series) 9″ L-Pile

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“Short, Medium, and Long piles are available!

For efficiently applying a fine finish to uneven walls and ceilings, these Axus Blue Pro roller sleeves are created from an incredibly soft, absorbent fabric. The cloth has the advantage of being shed-resistant, which reduces paint splattering when rolling. To avoid unwinding and ensure maximum longevity, even when used with the strongest solvents, the roller fabric is heat-fused to the core. This sleeve’s core diameter is 1.75″” (44mm), so it needs to be installed onto an Axus Decor or other roller frame that is the right size. Before using, wash.

This Axus Long pile roller sleeve is designed to swiftly apply a smooth finish to uneven walls and ceilings. It is constructed of an incredibly soft, absorbent fabric.Features & Benefits:
A super-soft fabric for an ultra-fine finish
Low splatter
Shed Resistant
Easy to clean
Use on uneven walls and ceilings
Size – 9in x 1 3/4in Core (221mm x 44mm Core)
Cleaning Instructions:
Squeeze out excess paint
Wash in clean, warm soapy water (or appropriate solvent if using with oil-based paint)
Rinse thoroughly in clean water
Spin dry on a mini roller handle
Leave standing upright to dry fully”

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