Sait Ali Oxide Sandpaper 5metre Roll P80


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Sait Ali Oxide Sandpaper 5metre Roll P80

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SAIT Decorator?s Abrasive Paper is a full resin bonded aluminium oxide abrasive paper. The aluminium oxide grit means this sandpaper is suitable for shaping, sanding and polishing metals like iron and steel, but is also effective on woodwork. The aluminium oxide grit cuts faster and lasts longer than other types of sandpapers.

Perfect for any DIY sanding tasks we stock this sandpaper in many different grades from the smoothest (P400) to the ultra coarse (P40) and all the grades in between. 1 meters or 5 meters cut this roll of sandpaper to fit any size or shape.

Wood, paints, metal, plastic, wet or dry, use this sandpaper for almost all hand sanding.

P40 Ultra coarse ? Use for the initial round of sanding on hardwood flooring.P60 Coarse ? Use for heavy sanding or stripping.

P80 Medium coarse & P100 Medium fine ? Use to sand wood to prepare it for varnish removal or final finishing.

P120 Fine ? Use to prepare wood for finishing or to clean plaster as well as water stains present on wood.

P240 Ultra fine ? Use for sanding finishes in between consecutive coats on either wood or drywall.

P400 Smoothest ? Use to sand the final layer of finish on wood. It is strong enough to thin patches, but not rough enough to actually remove anything that would want to be kept.

Key benefits:
Can be cut to size.
Available in a wide variety of grits.
Used on almost every surface.
Long lasting.
Hidden uses for sandpaper:
Sharpen your scissors ? cut through fine grain sandpaper to sharpen them.
Remove rust ? remove rust from tools with a coarse paper, but be careful not to scratch them.
Remove pills from clothes ? use a fine grit paper to remove piled fabric, rub lightly in one direction.
Sharpen sewing needles ? poke your needles through some sandpaper a few times to sharpen them.
Maintain wooden cutting boards & utensils ? sand your wooden chopping boards once a year and then apply wood oil to keep the wood looking good.

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